The Executive Director’s Office manages the intergovernmental affairs of the Nez Perce Tribe. This includes a major role in the protection and management of treaty resources; providing and improving services in education; delivering quality services to those in need including low income, elderly, and children; and providing a safe environment for them. The role of the Executive Director also includes providing a safe environment for employees to work, and the ability for employees to accomplish the goals set by the NPTEC.

Among many other routine tasks and special projects, this work also includes program such as:

  • Local Education Program Fund
  • Avista Internship Program
  • Slammin’ Salmon Skins Employee Incentive Program
  • SRBA Individual Water & Sewer Assistance Program
  • Limited Liability Company Certification
  • Non-Profit Corporation Certification

The Executive Director also sits on a number of committees including:

  • Tribal Preference Task Force
  • Starting Pay Workgroup
  • Safety Committee
  • Emergency Response Team
  • SRBA Implementation Team
  • Land Acquisition Group
  • Facilities Planning Team

Several tribal departments report to the Executive Direction Department, including:

In addition, several standalone programs are under Executive Direction including:

  • Economic and Community Development: 208-621-3710
  • Transportation Planning: 208-621-3682
  • Appaloosa Express Transit: 208-621-4691
  • Housekeeping: 208-621-3679
  • Plant Maintenance
    • Lapwai: 208-621-3512
    • Kamiah: 208-935-4119
  • Pi-Nee-Waus Community Center – Lapwai: 208-843-7360
  • Teweepuu Community Center – Orofino: 208-476-7407
  • Wa-a’yas Community Center – Kamiah: 208-935-2525
  • Wapaayatat “Serve” Americorps VISTA
  • Day Labor Program 208-621-3673