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The Education Department promotes the prosperity of the Nez Perce people through education and career pathways to self-sufficiency.


Oversee the education department of the Nez Perce Tribe in order to increase education and employment opportunities for Nez Perce tribal members.  Program services range from infant to adult age groups.  Education Programs include Adult Education, Higher Education, Mamáy’asnim Hitéemenwees, Mentoring, State Tribal Education Partnership, Students for Success, and Vocational Rehabilitation.

Contact: Joyce McFarland
208-621-4610 | joycem@nezperce.org

Career Center

The Career Center provides an array of education, training and employment services to youth and adults which includes partnership with education providers, ABE/GED, scholarship assistance for career technical education, short term workforce training and development.

Contact: Kay Seven
208-621-4604 | kseven@nezperce.org

Mamáy’asnim Hitéemenwees -Early Childhood Development

Mamáy’asnim Hitéemenwees supports parents and their children, ages 5 and younger, in receiving high-quality early education.

Contact: Jenny Oatman
208-621-3791 | jennyo@nezperce.org

  • Kamiah: 208-935-2888

Students for Success Program

The Students for Success Program promotes student health and achievement by working to prevent substance misuse, chronic disease, and suicide prevention.

Students For Success Feature (video) 

PhotoVoice Project- https://www.nimiipuuwellness.org/ 

There is an old saying that, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” The simplest description of PhotoVoice is a visual depiction of the community, by the community.

Photos from the 2021 Native Connections PhotoVoice project are featured on this website. Photographers are Nez Perce youth, young adults and parents / caregivers of youth and young adults.

This first group of photos were taken in response to the question, “What does self-love mean to you?”

Contact: Abe Broncheau
208-621-4613 | abeb@nezperce.org

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Vocational Rehabilitation Services assist people with disabilities in finding and keeping employment and living independently.

Vocational Rehabilitation Brochure

Vocational Rehabilitation Services Application

Client Assistance Program Brochure 

Contact: Joanna Marek
208-621-4615 | joannam@nezperce.org

Higher Education Scholarship Program

This scholarship provides financial assistance for Nez Perce citizens seeking higher education. The program processes tribal scholarship funds for eligible tribal higher education students to support their academic or vocational technical programs. Expand student support services to assist current or future scholarship students to successfully enroll and complete post-secondary degree programs.

Application open for Winter/Spring 2022 opens on October 1, 2021.  We have switched to SurveyMonkey Apply for our online application process.  Here are new steps you will complete:

·         Register with a username and password.  

·         Complete an eligibility quiz.  If you are identified as “not eligible” after completing the quiz, contact Joyce McFarland, Education Manager, at 208-621-4610 or education@nezperce.org to discuss.

·         If you are eligible, you will complete the application form.

·         Attach required documents to your application.

·         Remember to push “submit” so you application is ready to review.

Important links:

(1) If you graduated in the 2020/21 school year, submit your diploma and final transcript to the Education Department to receive your graduation incentive

(2) For Fall Quarter 2021, please contact the Education Manager at education@nezperce.org if you still need to apply.  One must complete the entire application before the last day of the Fall quarter term to be eligible.  


Although we do accept unofficial transcripts and class schedules, we do need quality documents.  Screenshots can be unclear or cut off information.   Here are instructions on how to create an Adobe document.

Print to PDF:  https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/print-to-pdf.html#win

Reminder to submit documents that have all required details per the Scholarship Plan of Operation, section 4K:

(1) Semester/quarter transcript, must include student name, institution name, semester/quarter, grades and credits completed and attempted.

(2) Course schedule for the next semester/quarter, must include student name, institution name, number of hours registered, schedule of classes.

Missing required information on the documents you submit, can delay processing your scholarship request.

Contact: 208-621-4610 | education@nezperce.org

State Tribal Education Partnership (STEP)

The Nez Perce STEP project helps students excel by through culturally relevant teaching. Under this program, the tribe collaborates with state educational agencies to enhance student experiences.

Contact: Joyce McFarland
208-621-4610 | joycem@nezperce.org

Youth Mentoring Program

This program provides college and career readiness mentoring for Native American boys in grades 7–12 who attend school on the Nez Perce Reservation.

Contact: Joyce McFarland
208-621-4610 | joycem@nezperce.org