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The General Council includes all enrolled Nez Perce citizens over age 18. It meets twice a year to review reports from the Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee.

Fall 2021 General Council Information

Additional Fall 2020 GC Reports:

GC Chair Report
2020 Fall GC Semi-Annual Report 
2020 Spring GC Minutes 
NPTEC Chairman Report
Human Resources SC Report  
Land Enterprise Commission SC Report 
Law & Order SC Report 
Natural Resources SC Report 
Climate Change and Energy SC Report 
NMPH Report
NPTHA Report
Senior Advisory Board Report 
Fish and Wildlife Commission Report
Utilities Program Report 

General Council Officers


Julia Davis-Wheeler


Jennifer Oatman (interim)

Resolutions Committee


Resolutions Committee Chairman

Ciarra Greene

Resolutions Committee Vice Chairman

Jennifer Oatman

Resolutions Committee Secretary

Margarita Bulltail

Resolutions Committee Member

Alice Spaulding

Election Judge

Melissa Guzman

Election Judge

Nicole Two Moon

Election Judge

Melissa King

Housing Board Seat 1

Betty Miller

Fish & Wildlife Commission Chair

Quintin Ellenwood

Fish & Wildlife Commission Vice Chair

Erik Holt

Fish & Wildlife Commission Secretary

Nick-les Two Moons

Enterprise Board Seat 1

Keith Kipp

Enterprise Board Seat 2

Gwen Carter


Meeting Minutes and Resolutions