NPT Communications Mission & Vision

  • Mission: To encourage and increase unity through effective communication.
  • Vision: The Tribe is the primary source of information throughout the Nez Perce Nation

The communications program manages internal and external communication for the Nez Perce Tribe and handles media inquiries.

Additionally, the department manages the website, social media accounts, Nimiipuu Tribal Tribune, newsletter, and mass emails.

Mass Emails

Mass emails are reserved for emergencies, closure notices, press releases as well as meeting / event cancellations and rescheduling.

For any questions or comments, please contact

Social Media

Our social platforms are for the purpose of  (1) disseminating information and (2) generating original content to increase engagement.

DISSEMINATING INFORMATION – We are responsible for sharing information on behalf of our Nez Perce Tribal Departments, Programs, and Organizations. We also assist in promoting Nimiipuu-owned businesses and local community events as requested. We are NOT responsible for responding to inquiries regarding the information shared. All inquiries should be directed toward the contact information provided on flyers and in posts.

ORIGINAL CONTENT – We produce news stories, press releases, and other original creative content. This content can be shared from our social platforms, but not copied without attribution to the original content.

We welcome and encourage open discussion on our NPT1855 and Nez Perce Tribal News social media sites – including but not limited to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – however, we do make reasonable efforts to monitor participation to ensure that comments follow the guidelines below:

When contributing, do not post any material that contains:

  • hate speech
  • profanity, obscenity, or vulgarity (our FB profanity settings will automatically hide comments)
  • comments that could be considered prejudicial, racist or inflammatory
  • nudity or offensive imagery (including, but not limited to, in profile pictures)
  • defamation to a person or people
  • name calling and/or personal attacks
  • comments whose main purpose is commercial in nature and/or to sell a product
  • comments that infringe on copyright or another person’s intellectual property
  • spam comments from individuals or groups, such as the same comment posted repeatedly on a profile
  • personal information about you or another individual (including identifying information, email addresses, phone numbers or private addresses)
  • promotion of a product, business, company or organization

By commenting on any of our social platforms you have agreed to adhere to the above comment policy.

We retain the right to remove any content that does not comply with these guidelines. Repeated violations may cause the user to be blocked from our social platforms.

We thank you for following and engaging with us on the following social platforms:

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