The Nez Perce Office of Legal Counsel represents the Tribe in all legal matters. As a separate department from the Tribe’s judicial branch, this office works to:

Provide Representation of the Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee

The Office of Legal Counsel’s (OLC) primary duty is to provide legal advice to, and representation of, the Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee (NPTEC) on all issues that affect the rights and interests of the Nez Perce Tribe (Tribe).  At NPTEC’s direction, OLC also provides representation of the Tribe’s programs, departments, and enterprises.

OLC protects the Tribal government’s interests, both on- and off-Reservation, including the rights the Tribe reserved and United States secured under the 1855 Treaty.  Treaty with the Nez Perces, June 11, 1855, 12 Stat. 957.

Provide Legal Resources for Tribal Members

OLC’s legal staff cannot represent individual Tribal members.  OLC is, however, a resource for Tribal members looking for legal information and/or direction.  OLC is happy to assist in that capacity.

Some examples of legal resources, not affiliated with OLC, include:

  • Estate Planning Services for Tribal Members

The Tribe provides estate planning services for Tribal members from mid-May through mid-August of each year, as funding permits. This service includes assistance with wills, durable powers of attorney, health care directives, gift deed, sales, and other legal transactions. Please contact OLC for referral information.

  • Nez Perce Tribal Court

208-843-7338 ⬥

  • The Nez Perce Tribal Court has do-it-yourself court forms that can be used in Tribal Court.
  • The Nez Perce Tribal Court can provide Tribal members with a list of attorneys admitted to practice in Tribal Court.
  • Lawyer Referral Service (Idaho)

208-334-4500 ⬥

  • Volunteer Lawyer Program (Idaho)

208-334-4500  ⬥

  • Court Assistance Office (Idaho)

208-799-3191  ⬥

  • This program provides do-it-yourself court forms that can be used in Idaho State courts.

OLC Staff 

  • Julie Kane, Managing Attorney
  • David Cummings, Senior Staff Attorney
  • Darren Williams, Senior Staff Attorney
  • Michael Lopez, Senior Staff Attorney
  • Jeanette Moody, Staff Attorney
  • Anjee Toothaker, Legal Assistant
  • Lisa Anderson, Legal Assistant
  • Lori F. Picard, Legal Assistant