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The Nez Perce Tribal Court is a court of general jurisdiction, and hears criminal, civil, juvenile, and domestic relations cases. Personnel includes a Chief Judge, part-time Associate Judge, Court Administrator, Court Clerks, Bailiff, and Court Navigator. The Court regularly works with the Prosecutor’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, Tribal Police for transport, Social Services/Indian Child Welfare Program, and Child Support Enforcement.

NOTE: Ex parte contact with any judge is NOT allowed unless the Tribal Code provides an exception. “Ex parte” is a Latin phrase meaning “on one side only; by or for one party.” An ex parte communication occurs when a party to a case, or someone involved with a party, talks or writes (emails) to or otherwise communicates directly with the judge about the issues in the case without the other parties’ knowledge. 


Last updated: June 9, 2023 1126h 
Both jury trials scheduled June 12 and 14 have been VACATED. Jurors in Jury Pool Group 5250 whose numbers were drawn for jury duty DO NOT NEED TO APPEAR.

CR.23-012/013 Jury Trial  Monday, June 12, 2023     Juror IDs drawn for 6/12
CR.23-014  Jury Trial  Wednesday, June 14, 2023   Juror IDs drawn for 6/14

POTENTIAL JURORS: During the ON-CALL months for your Juror Group,  email or call the Juror Info line (208) 843-1990 (message only) on Thursdays after 4:30 pm before scheduled Jury Trials. Be prepared to report for jury duty on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. 

Jury Pool 2023

The 2023 Jury Pool consists of approximately 150 names randomly drawn from the Master Jury Pool List (all eligible jurors). These 150 people are divided into Juror Pool Groups 5250 and 7250. Your Juror Group and ID are listed on the on-call summons. Lost your summons? Email or call Court Reception (208) 843-7338.

  • Group 5250  On-call for months of: April, June, August, October, December.
  • Group 7250  On-call for months of: May, July, September, November, December.

Court Staff

  • Natasha Anderson, Chief Judge
  • Hazel Arthur, Healing-To-Wellness Court Coordinator
  • Marla Cuevas-Jimenez, Court Administrator
  • Michelle Cutfinger, Court Clerk
  • Deveigh Davis, Reception
  • Shanelle Freouf, Court Clerk
  • Ricky Hernandez, Court Navigator
  • Jeffrey Phillips, Associate Judge
  • Latoya Sisto, Court Bailiff
  • Yvette Whitman, Data Entry