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Gaming Commission

The Nez Perce Tribal Gaming Commission regulates the tribe’s gaming enterprises to ensure honesty and fairness. In addition to implementing regulations, the commission:

  • Issues gaming licenses
  • Screens gaming employees
  • Oversees the compliance and auditing of gaming operations

Contact: Liz Minkey | lizm@nezperce.org |208.621.4744

President- Vacant

Vice President- Albert Barros

Secretary/Treasurer- July Tess Greene

Fish and Wildlife Commission

FWC Office- 315 ‘B’ Street | PO Box 365 Lapwai, ID 83540


Staff Member, Nancy McAllaster | nancymac@nezperce.org | 208.843.9376

Chairman- Erik Holt | erikh@nezperce.org

Vice Chairman- Jack Yearout | jack@nezperce.org

Secretary- Michael Tuell | miket@nezperce.org

Member- Michael McFarland | mikemc@nezperce.org

Member- Andre Picard, Jr. | andrep@nezperce.org


Meetings are the second and fourth Monday of each month at the Boards & Commission building, 210 ‘A’ Street, Lapwai, ID. Meetings will be held in Lapwai starting at 5PM unless otherwise announced. When meetings are scheduled for Orofino or Kamiah they will start at 5:30 p.m. in those locations.

Special meetings are scheduled as necessary.

Mission Statement

Nez Perce Tribe Fish and Wildlife Commission will strive to ensure that the rights reserved under the Treaty of 1855, including the natural resources upon which these rights are inextricably linked, are protected, maintained, and enhanced in all areas or processes of natural resources management the Tribe is involved in at present and into the future. Our geographic focus will be to advance our sovereignty and management jurisdiction at all on-reservation, off-reservation ceded lands, and all “usual and accustomed” fishing, hunting, and gathering areas of the Tribe. The Commission will utilize traditional teachings, cultural values (including our tribal and personal history concerning this area, its resources, and the ethical obligations passed to us), along with contemporary resource management tools and concepts in an integrative approach to advance and maintain our way of life.

Fishing & Hunting Regulations

For information regarding current hunting & fishing regulations, please contact Nancy McAllaster at the FWC office or contact the NPT Department of Fisheries Resources Management Conservation Enforcement department at 208.843-7143.

Senior Advisory Board 

Chair– Susie Weaskus 

Vice Chair– Marilyn Bowen 

Secretary– Gloria Johnson

Treasurer– Allen Slickpoo Jr.

Member– Betty Kinser

Member– Loretta Islas

Lapwai Coordinator– Georganne Morrison

Kamiah Coordinator– Mary Tall Bull

NPTHA Board of Commissioners

Chair- Richard Arthur

Vice Chair- Stacey Kash Kash

Secretary/Treasurer- Taricia Moliga

Member- Fawn Domebo

Member- Loretta Spaulding

Enterprise Board

Chair- Gwen Carter

Vice-Chair- Keith Kipp

Secretary- Sergio Islas

Member– Sonya Oberly

Member- George Moody