2024 NPTEC Candidate – Seat 2: Aaron Gould

Name: Aaron Patrick Gould

Spouse: Jackie McArthur

Children: Cloud Joseph, Julia Elizabeth, Lauren Judith and Johnson Hoyt

Parents: Lyle P. Gould and Judith A. Wasson Gould

Grandparents: Maternal: Norma Delores Parsons Wasson and Glenn Earl Wasson
Paternal: Aaron Roy Gould and Audrey Pauline Pinkham Redheart and Jesse D. Redheart

Great Grandparents: Maternal: William Parsons Jr. and Nancy Holmes Parsons, Thomas R Wasson and Sadie Dyer Wasson
Paternal: Owen J. Gould and Julia Hoyt Gould. Annette Blackeagle Burke and Alexius M. Pinkham Sr.


Lapwai High School Class of 1994
University of Idaho – History Major. No degree.
Washington State University – History Major. No degree.
Lewis Clark State College – History Major. No degree
Autodidact: Historian (unpublished)


Study and application of fisheries management and policy 2005 to present
Fish and Wildlife Commission 2005-2008
Small Business Owner 2008
Nez Perce Tribe Fisheries technical – 19 years
Strong familiarity of past and current litigation of treaty-based resources

What you hope to bring to the NPTEC Table:

Reconciliation of good and bad decisions of our past without violation of our sovereign trust

What issues are important to you:

An accurate accounting of the eight (8) Nez Perce Treaties (1855 – 68)
Nez Perce Repository
Sacred Economic Security