1. Boss Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC           Owner: Oscar Guzman Jr.
3538 Hatwai Rd. Enrollment: Nez Perce Tribe
Lewiston, ID 83501 Phone: 208-743-9484
Email: oscar@bossheatingandac.com Fax: 208-743-9629
CIB No.: 317 Certification Date: 05/12/21 – 05/12//24
Service & Installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment

2. Chantell Souther, Realtor           Owner: Chantelle Souther
1009 Burrell Av. Enrollment: 3322
Lewiston, ID 83501 Phone: 208-935-0043
Email: chantellesouther81@gmail.com Fax: NA
CIB No: 375 Certification Date: 09/21 – 9/22
Real Estate Agent, licensed in the State of Idaho

3. D-Flagging & Traffic Control LLC           Owner: Diana L. Warden
3344 Hwy 12 W. Tr.B Enrollment: Nez Perce
Kamiah, ID 83536 Phone: 208-451-4915
Email: dianalwarden@msn.com Fax: 208-935-1301
CIB No.: 340 Certification Date: 05/19 – 05/22
Subcontracting: Construction Traffic Control Services, Signing and Labor

4. D-3 Native Wood Works, LLC Owner:           Bradley C. Dreadfulwater
1649 Delaware St. Enrollment: Cherokee
Kamiah, ID 83536 Phone: 509-547-0349
Email: dreadfulwaterb2@gmail.com Fax: N/A
CIB No: 361 Certification Date: 02/03/21 – 02/03/24
Tree Planting, Herbicide Application, Seedling Protection, Machine Mastication, Tree Thinning
Pruning, Fire Line Construction, Deer Repellent Application, Fence Construction, Stream Restoration,
Bruch Removal, Small Diameter Logging, Hand Piling, Suppling Fencing Materials, and Forestry

5. Falcon Construction Owner:           B. Nicole George
2812 Meadowlark Dr. Enrollment: Nez Perce
Lewiston, ID 83501 Phone: 208-791 3882 / 208-843-2341
Email: montie.phillips@yahoo.com Fax: 208-746-2035
CIB No.: 313 Certification Date: 02/20- 02/23
General Construction, Construction Management, Excavation/Infrastructure, New Build, Design Build;
Construction All Phases: Remodels, Concrete, Construction Consulting, Doors, Drywall & Sheetrock,
Framing, Finish Work, Flooring, HVAC, Inspection, Painting, Roofing, Windows, Cabinets,
Countertops, Utilities, Landscape & Design; Hazard Materials Cleanup & Remediation: Mold
Abatement, Fire Damage, Water Damage, HazWop Trained Crew; Forestry: Bush Clearing, Thinning;
Fencing; Road Construction: Culverts, Road Obliteration; Site Work: Land Restoration &
Development, Excavation/Infrastructure; Underground water/sewer, Proved/Broker Material for all
Projects; Equipment & Tool Rentals for all construction needs at competitive prices

6. Hipeexnu kii U Nuun Wisiix, Inc.           Owner: Bessie Walker
P.O. Box 415, 128 Joseph St., N. Enrollment: Nez Perce
Lapwai, ID 83540 Phone: 208-816-6552
Email: www.hipeexnu.org Fax: NA
CIB: 370 Certification: 1/13/21 – 1/13/22
Non-Profit 501 c 3.
Mission: To preserve, protect & revitalize the Nez Perce Language & Cultural Arts of Life.
Primarily: Nez Perce Community Youth. Currently we volunteer teach in the Little Roots & Tiny Tots
learning centers in Lapwai ID also this year will ½ one-on-one teaching for Youth Learners ages 4th
grade – 8th grade.

7. Intertribal Terrestrial Services, LLC           Owner: Teressa Sadie Wasson Gould-Greene
310 North Main Street Enrollment: Paiute-Shoshone
Fort Lapwai, ID 83540 Phone: 208-791-6552
Email: its.teressa@nezpercesystems.com Fax: NA
CIB No: 374 Certification Date: 9/21 – 9/22
Forestry Services Surrounding Idaho State Agriculture License

8. Jason Hendren           Owner: Jason Hendren
39946 US Highway 95 Enrollment: Nez Perce
Spalding, ID 83540 Phone: 208-413-1831
Email: jasonh939@gmail.com     Fax: N/A
CIB No: 368 Certification: 2020
Own my own heavy equipment which I perform excavation, grading, road building and dirt moving

9. J. Marek Construction           Owner: Jared Marek
150 Red Tail Lane Enrollment: Nez Perce
Lapwai, ID 83540 Phone: 208-791-9056
Email: N/A Fax: N/A
CIB No.: 373 Certification: 05/12/21 -05/12/22
Residential, Commercial, Industrial Construction, Demolition, Masonry, Land Scape, Water Sewer

10. Kamiakin Systems Integration           Owner: Caleb Carter
1126 14th Av. Enrollment: Yakama
Lewiston, ID 83501 Phone: 509-494-4474
Email: Fax: NA
CIB No: 369 Certification: 11/18/20-11/18/2021
Telecommunications Installation, Low Voltage Cabling, Network Services, Cloud Solutions, Physical
Security, IT Security, Systems Management, Solar Panel Installation VOIP Systems, Wireless Network
Systems Management, General Construction, Home Renovations etc., Home/ Commercial Inspections.

11. L & R General Contracting           Owner: Levi Holt/Randall Fuhs
P.O. Box 414 Enrollment: Nez Perce/Turtle Mtn. Chippewa
Lapwai, ID 83540 Phone: 208-848-6828/208/790-8948
Email: levijholt@gmail.com Fax: None
CIB: 367 Certification Date: 07/19 – 07/22
Partnership which has experience in all phases of Building from Residential, Commercial & Light
Industrial Const., combined experience of over 75 years. Vision & Goal as 100% Indian Owned
Business is to Grow & Expand to a point of Employing a Work Force of Largely Native Workers

12. MB Plumbing           Owner: Marvin Boyd
928 8th St. Enrollment: Chugach
Clarkston, WA 99403 Phone: 509-751-6018
Email: N/A Fax: N/A
CIB No: 309 Certification Date: 08/16/18 – 08/16/21
Plumbing Residential & Commercial since 1976: All Phases

13. McFarland Enterprises           Owner: Michael D. McFarland
25028 Cottonwood Creek Rd. Enrollment: Nez Perce
Culdesac, ID 83524 Phone: 208-843-2353/208-816-2657
Email: michaelmcfarland566@gmail.com Fax: NA
CIB No: 175 Certification Date: 8/20 – 8/23
Fencing, Reforestation Projects: Vexar Seedling Protection, Tree Planting, Pruning Thinning, Grass
Seeding, Trail Construction & Maintenance, Lawn Services etc., Hauling and General Labor

14.Nez Perce Tourism, LLC           Owner: Stacia L. Morfin
P.O. Box 57 Enrollment: 3455
Lapwai, ID 83540 Phone: 208-790-8873
Web Site: nezpercetourism.com Fax: NA
CIB No: 364 Certification Date: 11/20 – 11/22
Nez Perce Tourism is the warm welcome to Nimiipuu Country where guests will experience a true sense
of place with Nimiipuu “The People”. Radiating with cultural wisdom, Nez Perce Tourism is the only
place in the world where you will hear our side of history, witness the stories of our ancestor, and
receive legendary hospitality founded in our cultural understanding of honor and respect and doing
business as Nez Perce Traditions is marketed at Traditions Gift Shop located in the heart of Nimiipuu
Country. The address is 800 Main Street, Suite #4, Lewiston, ID 83501.

15. Tiny Tots Learning Center           Owner: Santee Penney & Bobbi Penney
P.O. Box 158, 357 Agency Rd. Enrollment: Nez Perce, Shoshone Bannock
Lapwai, ID 83540 Phone: 208-935-8587
Email: tinytotsLapwai@gmail.com Fax: N/A
CIB: 372 Certification Date: 5/12/21 – 5/12/22
Tiny Tots Learning Center are situated on the Nez Perce Reservation in Lapwai and Kamiah, ID. We
provide a variety of educational experiences and cultural instruction for children ages 0 to 12 years old.
Full-time, part-time child care is available and after school transportation and care is provided. Drop-in
care availability depends on enrollment.

16. Tribal Headway Construction LLC           Owner: Paul L. Oatman
126 Skyline Dr. Enrollment: 3346
Kamiah, ID 83536 Phone: 208-935-8959
CIB: 371 Web Site/Email: ploatman@tribalheadway
Certification Date: 1/2021-1/2022
Site Prep, Haul Rock & Water Truck, Excavation & Trenching

17. Tribal Risk and Insurance Solutions, LLC           Owner: Heather S. Ott
1835 S Extension Road Enrollment: Hopi
Mesa, AZ 85210 Phone: 800-274-1379
Web Site: www.trisllc.com Fax: 480-730-4929
CIB No: 348 Certification Date: 11/20 – 11//23
Insurance Services, Property & Casualty, Workers Comp and Employee Benefits

18. Verge           Owner: Lewanne Teasley
P.O. Box 1 Enrollment: Nez Perce
Lapwai, ID 83540 Phone: 208-790-0022
Email: onthevergesince1855.com Fax: NA
CIB No: 365 Certification Date: 06/01/19 – 06/01/22
Expert video Production and videography services to a versatile array of clients. Produce everything
from Documentaries, Commercials, to Wedding films and Music videos

19. White Shield, Inc.           Owner: Stuart Frick
320 N. 20th Av. Enrollment: Three Affiliated Tribes
Pasco, WA 99301 Phone: 509-547-0100
Email: sfricke@whiteshield.com Fax: 509-547-8292
CIB No: 240 Certification Date: 03/20 – 03/23
Topographic, GPS Control, GIS Mapping, CADD, Geophysical Surveys, Machine Control Modeling,
3 D Laser Scanning, Environmental Site Assessments Remedial Investigation, Feasibility Studies,
Environmental Health & Safety, Environmental GIS Mapping, Environmental Compliance and Natural
Resources, Management Services

20. WW Transport LLC.           Owner: Walter Williams
1276 West Lake Rd. Enrollment: Nez Perce
Ferdinand, ID 83526 Phone: 208-962-5926
Email: NA Fax: NA
CIB No: 323 Certification Date: 06/16/21 – 06/16/24
Forestry, Mastication, Low Boy Excavation, Dozer, Logging, Road Work, Dump Truck Work, 2 Excavators
Little & B16 Pretty much most heavy equipment work