2024 NPTEC Candidate – SEAT 1: Judy Kay Oatman

Name: Judy Kay Oatman


Parents: John W. Warden (Paul Family) deceased
Alice Jeanie Warden (Hill/Johnson Family)


Grandparents: Frank R. Johnson
Pauline Hill-Finley both deceased

John Paul Warden (Son of Lillian Paul)
Nellie Cash Warden both deceased


Spouse: Married to Carl “Bo” Oatman Sr. 47 years


Children: Alicia J. Oatman
Mary J. Oatman
Carl “Buck” Oatman Jr.
Paul L. Oatman
Wesley L. Oatman
Vance L.B. Oatman

17 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren



Lewis Clark State College A.A.S. in Paralegal – 1992-1994
B.S. Criminal Justice – 2000-2006
Creative Writing Minor – 2004-2006


Work Experience:

Early Headstart – Teachers Aid 1981
TERO Compliance Officer 1994 – 2000
TERO Director 2010-2011
From The Heart – Business Owner


Life Experience:

Avid Hunter, Gatherer, Food Processor, Caterer, Head Cook – Services, Writer, Elder Advocate, fundraiser and Legal advocate for treaty rights. Community events such as clothes give-away, free coat distribution, and Food bank. Fire victim’s assistance.


What I hope to bring to the table.

A representative of all Nimmipu. The voice for the people that cannot speak for themselves. I want strong advocacy for the guaranteed and exclusive rights we hold in the treaties. We need immediate attention to Enrollment and Housing issues. The Snake River Basin Adjudication (SRBA) needs increased funding to meet the health and safety needs of each and every enrolled family home. Social services and police agencies need more resources to meet the critical community needs.

Salmon restoration, especially wild salmon, needs to be the top priority of any and all agencies responsible for their continued existence.

Hunting rights must be protected with every legal means possible. Guaranteed and exclusive rights need to be upheld within our homelands. NPTEC elected officials are compensated wages at a federal level, so the responsibility should reflect this wage, and 100% needs to be put into office. I will do that.