2021 Fall General Council


New Dates: November 18-20, 2021


Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases and the prevalence of the Delta variant, the Fall General Council is being postponed until November 18-20, 2021.



At the beginning of November, the COVID-19 status will be re-evaluated and it will then be determined if General Council can be conducted in person. If not, a Virtual General Council will be held following previously established protocols.



Election Judges accepted electronic nominations for the Fall General Council elections.  Nominations for General Council Officers and Boards and Commissions were accepted until September 15th.

Polling stations were available at the WeŐĀeyees in Kamiah, the TeweŐĀepuu in Orofino and the PaŐĀyniwaas in Lapwai on: September 23 & 24 from 7:00A.M. ‚Äď 6:00P.M. and September 25 from 7:00A.M. ‚Äď 12:00P.M.

The ballot count took place in Kamiah at 1:00 p.m. (Saturday, September 25th) and was broadcast via Face Book Live (@NPT1855).

2021 Fall General Council Election Totals and Results

General Council Chair:
Julia Davis-Wheeler                             97
Jennifer Oatman                                  76
Allen Slickpoo Jr.                                 98

General Council Secretary:
Nicole Two Moon                                50
Jasmine Higheagle                              147
Lindy Warden                                      72

Resolutions Committee:
Margarita BullTail                                160
Paulette Smith                                     135
Alice Spaulding                                    203
Loraine Harris                                      106
Adeline Nahsonhoya                            113
Kayla Warden                                       148
Lucinda Simpson                                   71
Louis Harris                                           66

Election Judges:
Melissa King                                        195
Melissa Guzman                                  148
Ashton Picard                                        91
DelRae Kipp                                          89
Loretta Spaulding                               117
July Tess Greene                                   47
Harry Slickpoo Jr.                                 99

Enterprise Board:
Margarita BullTail                                 21
Mary Beth Frank-Clark                         36
Valda Penney                                       13
Sergio Islas                                           60
Daniel Spaulding Jr.                              53
Scott Moffett                                        37
Gloria Greene                                       29
Stacia Greene                                       59
Scherri Greene                                     17
Lucinda Simpson                                  11
George Moody                                     81
Carmalita Bohnee                                 16
Etta Axtell                                             35
Mary TallBull                                         51

Fish & Wildlife Commission (1 Year):
Michael McFarland                              153
DelRae Kipp                                          52
Macklin Rinehart                                  81
Larry Greene Jr.                                    79
Jack Yearout                                        155

Fish & Wildlife Commission (2 Year):
Michael Tuell                                       79
James R. Spencer                                26
Nick-les Two Moons                            52
Thomas TallBull                                    63
Scherri Greene                                     32

Housing Board (3 Year):
Stacey Kash Kash                                 203
Scherri Greene                                      64

Housing Board (4 Year):
Aqua Greene                                        59
Taricia Moliga                                      169
Richard Arthur                                     88
Lucinda Simpson                                  33
Mary TallBull                                        69
Mary Johnson                                      87
Louis Harris                                          25