NPTEC Candidate – Seat 1: Arthur Broncheau

Enrollment# 1109

Family: My family ties were from the Lenore and Cottonwood areas. My mother comes from the Lenore area as was her father, James Moore. Her mother was a twin which later were known as the Cayuse Twins, born in 1898. My father was Phillip Broncheau who was killed in action in the European Campaign during World War ll. He was buried on the Colville reservation near Chief Joseph’s grave site.


  • Haskell Indian Junior College 1965-1967
  • Lane Community College 1979-1981 Eugene, Oregon
    -AA Associates in Education
  • University of Oregon, 1982-1984 Eugene, Oregon
    – BS Bachelors in Sociology

Experience: My experience, as many of us first encountered began with our immediate families. As I grew my world expanded to the community and the World. Elders were a Great influence to me. Instilled by their experience in life and knowledge, with cultural teachings of who WE are as people. Respect for your Elders, Responsibility of one’s actions, know where you come from, and keep the cycle for the next generations to come. I was raised by my grandmother (Edna Crawford), plus other grandmothers and aunties. Uncles and Grandfathers also had their influences on my life too. Haskell Indian Nations University, was a start of expanding my experience. Students shared their cultural values and language plus their upbringings, a valued lesson. Relocation Act was a assimilation program for Natives to become part of the main stream in America. Employment off the reservation was encouraged and relocation to the cities for employment to reside and raise their families and thus, lose their cultural values as Native Americans. This was America’s plan. I lived off the reservation for many years, but I never forgot where I came from! My upbringings were instilled in me forever. I always, since as a youth ask questions about what I did not understand. In the late 60’s, I was exposed to philosophies from different groups, such as the Black Muslims gatherings, China Communists Red Party Movement, AIM Movement, Mexican Labor Movement and the protests of the Viet Nam War. Higher Education helped me too. I was elected Director of Native American Student Union for two years at the University of Oregon and involved in their governing body. Our goals for the students attending the University of Oregon were to keep our students in school and graduate. We developed programs such as Child Care, Emergency Funds, Pow Wow Funds, Recreational activities and most of all, kept our cultural values by inviting our elders and speakers to share their traditions to our students and surrounding community. I have the experience of education and life and I’m very thank full to our Creator to be able to help our people today and for our future generations to come.

What do you hope to bring to the NPTEC Table: With confidence, I will bring to the table of one who went out in the world and received an education both in life and the classroom. All my years interacting with different races with their religion and values of their traditions helped me to never forgot where I came from. I love my PEOPLE, NIMIIPUU. I have the confidence to interact with other Tribal Councils and the Federal and State governing bodies on issues that pertains to the Nimiipuu Nation. Nine NPTEC Members should work together with open Hearts and stand firm together when confronting conflicts with the Federal or State Governments. I will bring all my experience to the table and listen to others on the table with respect of their opinions to help our people, our Nation for the betterment of our future generations.

ISSUES: United States Congress with the President signature will affect our funding sources, Department of Interior. No raises in funding for Tribes, only last year’s funding amount available with the cost of living going up. Our people will have less health care, housing needs, enforcement, social programs and other needs that may surface. This could be another assault on our Treaty Rights and Our Sovereignty in the future. Accountability, job descriptions, evaluations, and two phases that involves hiring and firing policies. “At Will” and “At my discretion “, should be reviewed. We need to have our own people who are qualified to be managers of our programs and more internship programs for our youths.

Solutions & Visions: We need to work together as one, today! Leaders need to be accountable to gain trust from their people. New ideas should be developed to be prepared for the future. Don’t be afraid of what we don’t understand. New revenue should be developed by our own people. We have the natural resources here on our reservation to create this new revenue, HEMP. Education is one source to understand the history, uses of hemp, difference/ make- up of the cannabis plant, past uses of hemp in the United States that were legal. The Federal Government Farm Bill, of 2014 and 2018 open the door for Tribes in the USA to develop hemp programs for revenue. The future is unpredictable, what we do today will have a affect on our future generations. Accountability for all Tribal Members are for the future of our Tribe! Our ancestors were accountable for us. We, today can continue the cycle as a Nimiipuu Nation.                   Thank You, Arthur M. Broncheau