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For the weeks of March 19-30, 2018

Subcommittee Week
All meetings in NPTEC Chambers
March 19
Human Resources - 8:30am-12:00pm
Law & Order - 2:00pm-4:30pm- 9:00am
March 20

Natural Resources - 8:30am-12:00pm
Land Enterprise - 2:00pm-4:30pm
March 21
Budget & Finance 8:30am-12:00pm

March 19-23
12-week Trasnformation Final Measurement Week
March 20
NPTEC Candidate Form - 4:30pm-7:00pm - Pineewaus Gym
March 21
I Vision College Cafe - 2:00pm - Kamiah DLC
March 22
Section 8 Housing Vouchers Presentation - 12:00pm - Lapwai Housing Office
Easter Egg Decorating - 4:00pm - Pineewaus
March 24
Community Easter Egg Hunt - 1:00pm - Lapwai City Park
March 25
USA Basketball OPEN COURT Presented by Nike - 10am-5pm - Clarkston High School

All meetings in NPTEC Chambers
March 27
NPTEC - 9:00am

March 26-30
Spring Cleanup Week
March 26
All Hazard Mitigation Planning Public Outreach - 8:00am-3:30pm - CRC Event Center
Spring Break Riding Clinic - 9:00am - CJF Outdoor Arena
Make Bird Houses for Heart of the Monster Park - 10:00am - Kamiah SFS Office
IVision Healthy Teen relationships - 10:00am - Location TBA
Spring Cleaning/Organizing Class - 12:00pm - WaAYas
March 27
Regalia Making Class Wing Dress/Ribbon Shirts - 9:00am-3:00pm - Kamiah SFS Office
Spring Break Riding Clinic - 9:00am - CJF Outdoor Arena
IVision Winning at your Relationship Game - 10:00am - Lapwai High School Gym
Prep Your HOme for Spring Class - 12:00pm - Lapwai Housing Classroom
Bingo Night - 3:00pm - Wa-A'Yas Kitchen
March 28
Regalia Making Wing Dress/Ribbon Shirts - 9:00am - Education Building, Lapwai
Spring Break Riding Clinic - 9:00am - CJF Outdoor Arena
Spring Cleaning/Organizing Class - 12:00pm - Lapwai Housing Office
Deadline for Teller and Sergeant at Arms Applications - 4:30pm
March 29

Kamiah Youth Presentation & Tour of Water Facility - Van leave at 8:30am from WaAYas
Spring Break Riding Clinic - 9:00am - CJF Outdoor Arena
Get Our Youth Inspired to Ride FREE Horse Clinic - 10:00am - Teweepuu Center
Prep Your Home for Spring Class - 12:00pm - WaAYas
Banner Bank Class - 12:00pm - Lapwai Housing Office
March 30
Spring Break Riding Clinic - 9:00am - CJF Outdoor Arena
Get Our Youth Inspired to Ride FREE Horse Clinic - 10:00am - Teweepuu Center
March 31

IVision Teen Night - 7:00pm - Pineewaus Gym
April 1

Happy Easter

The Nez Perce Higher Education Scholarship "Plan of Operation" was approved by NPTEC Resolution NP10-383 Amended, 0n November 09, 2010. All current and prospective Nez Perce tribal scholarship students
must obtain a copy and read. A copy is attached here.

Tribal Court Legal Information and Forms

Letter of instruction to Nez Perce tribal police department must be filled out and attached to the Civil Complaint and the Restraining Order application when submitting to the court.
Documents and payment of filing fee can be mailed to:
      Judicial Services
                Nez Perce Tribal Court  
PO Box 305
      Lapwai,Id 83540

All signatures must be notarized or documents will not be filed; all information must be complete, including telephone number and address.  Payment of the filing fee should be made by money order or cashiers check.

Please contact the Executive Directors office, the Office of Legal Counsel or Human Relations office for notary assistance.


Teller and Sergeant at Arms Application

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KIYE Spring Survey

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Copy of NPT ConstitutionByLaws

NPT Credit Application

Attention! Higher Education Scholarship Students!

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Indian Affairs Loan Guaranty Program

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