Nez Perce Tribe and Perpetua Resources Corp. Filed Clean Water Act Settlement Agreement

Lapwai, Idaho – The Nez Perce Tribe (“Tribe”) announced today that the Tribe and Perpetua Resources Corp. (“Perpetua”) (Nasdaq: PPTA / TSX: PPTA) filed a final Settlement Agreement (“Agreement”) on

August 8, 2023, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Idaho (“District Court”). The

Agreement resolves a Clean Water Act (“CWA”) lawsuit brought by the Tribe in 2019 over

alleged pollution discharges into the headwaters of the East Fork South Fork Salmon River from

historic mining activities within the Stibnite Mining Site in central Idaho.


The Agreement provides for total payments of $5 million by Perpetua over a four-year period

consisting primarily of contributions by Perpetua to a South Fork Salmon Water Quality

Enhancement Fund to be used by the Tribe to support water quality improvement projects in the

South Fork Salmon River watershed. The water quality improvement projects will be

coordinated with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Forest Service and will

require additional data collection to choose and define the projects.


Following a 45-day review period by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Forest

Service, the Tribe and Perpetua will request the District Court to approve the Stipulation for

Dismissal and Agreement, which, if approved, would result in the CWA lawsuit being dismissed

without prejudice pending Perpetua’s payment of the amounts called for under the Agreement,

and with prejudice upon completion of such payments, subject in each case to approval by the

District Court.


SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT, Nez Perce Tribe v. Perpetua Resources, Corp. et al.

No. 1:19-cv-00307-BLW (D. Idaho)

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