Nimiipuu Health Conducts Mass COVID-19 Vaccination Event at Clearwater River Casino Event Center

Lapwai, Idaho- Today, Nimiipuu Health administered 211 first-dose, Moderna COVID-19 Vaccinations to individuals with the assistance of the Idaho National Guard. The mass vaccination was conducted at the Clearwater River Casino Event Center to accommodate and provide appropriate social distancing for the large numbers of participants. The second dose will be provided to the same individuals in approximately 28 days.  


“We are extremely grateful for all the people that helped make this event possible. The Clearwater River Casino staff was phenomenal in the setup and arrangements, the National Guard soldiers were excellent in their assistance to the entire operation, and Nimiipuu Health staff have continued to go above and beyond in their service to our patients and community,” stated NMPH Medical Director, Dr. Kim Hartwig. 


“We continue to ask that everyone seriously consider receiving the vaccine as it becomes more readily available to the general public.  As we continue to get folks vaccinated, please continue to remain vigilant by following appropriate COVID-19 safety recommendations; wear a mask, social distance, and wash or sanitize your hands frequently. Together, the COVID-19 vaccine and the CDC’s recommendations on how to protect yourself still offer the best protection from COVID-19 for an individual,” continued Hartwig.


Vaccinations for this event were scheduled over the course of this week. Recipients arrived to a sign-in table and were directed to an individual vaccination tent. Following administration of the vaccine, recipients were able to wait in a separate room for 15 minutes for monitoring. Each person was provided with additional education materials on the vaccine.