11 of 286 COVID-19 Tests Compromised during Lapwai Nimiipuu Health Mass Testing

Lapwai, Idaho- On June 29, Lapwai Nimiipuu Health conducted a mass testing event. It resulted in completing 286 tests. Tests were provided in two forms. For symptomatic patients, they used the ID NOW test, which allowed for same day results. For asymptomatic patients, nasopharyngeal swabs were used and sent out to Quest laboratories for processing. To date, the results of the COVID-19 tests have not been received.


Shortly after the testing, it was discovered that 11 of the 286 tests were compromised due to leakage from the collected specimen. The patients whose tests were compromised, were called and asked to return to NMPH to be retested through the ID NOW machine. 


 “When a large test, such as this, is conducted we can anticipate that there may be some faults. The 4% of tests that were compromised is extremely low in comparison to the percentage of tests that were completed without any error. The staff that assisted with our first mass testing event did an excellent job and I commend them on their fantastic work,” stated Nimiipuu Health Executive Director, Roberta José-Bisbee.  


NMPH continues to offer COVID-19 testing in Lapwai and Kamiah for patients and employees of any Nez Perce Tribe entity, who are symptomatic. Please call Lapwai- (208)843-2271 Kamiah- (208)935-0733.