Suspicious Vehicles Approaching Children in Lapwai

Lapwai, ID- There have been two recent reported incidents of suspicious vehicles driving within the city of Lapwai talking to children. The Nez Perce Tribal Police Department is currently investigating both situations. There is not a current accurate description of the suspects or vehicles. More information will be available following further investigation. 


The Tribal Police Department is urging you to talk to your children about stranger danger and the importance of staying away from unfamiliar people and vehicles. If at any time your child is approached by an unknown person or vehicle, inform them to get away as quickly as possible to the nearest, lighted, public location. Encourage them to call the police or to find a trusted adult that can assist them in contacting the police. 


If you notice suspicious activity, call 911 or dispatch immediately. The sooner officers are aware of the situation, the quicker they can respond. Do not approach the vehicle or person, however, if you are able, try and capture a photo. Be as observant as possible; the more detail the better. 

Some basic vehicle descriptions would be: 

  • make 
  • model
  • color
  • state listed on the license plate 

For an individual, unique characteristics such as: 

  • scars
  • tattoos
  • piercings

More general information such as: 

  • hair color
  • eye color
  • skin tone
  • clothing description  

Any details will aid in a more effective pursuit. It would be helpful to write the information down as soon as possible, to avoid forgetting any details.


Encourage your children to: 

  • travel in groups 
  • remain in public and well-lit areas 
  • Never approach a vehicle or person they do not know 

If there is ever an attempt by someone to abduct your children, encourage them to scream loudly and do what they can to try and get away. 


Talk to your children and answer any questions they may have. These types of incidents can happen anywhere. The more your children are aware of the dangers of talking to unfamiliar people, the less likely they will be to face this type of situation. 


WHITCOM Dispatch: (509)332-2521