What do I need to be enrolled?
To be enrolled with the Nez Perce Tribe you must be at least ¼ degree Nez Perce blood.  You will also need to complete an enrollment packet.

If my parents and/or grandparents are enrolled, can I be enrolled?
Only if you meet the ¼ blood degree requirement.  If you do not, you can request a letter of descent.

How do I prove I’m a descendant of Chief Joseph?
Old Joseph had five children,
       – Sarah Blackeagle had 3 children and has living descendants
       – Elawinonmi (Mrs. Reuben) had no children.
       – Young Joseph had 3 children, none of the 3 had children, no living descendants.
       – Shugushugin (son) had no children
       – Olikut had 2 children and has living descendants.

How do I find my Indian ancestry? I know I have Indian blood in my family.

There are several resources available, here is a list to get you started:
doi.gov/tribes/trace-ancestry (Dept. of Interior)
National Indian Law Library
University of Washington – American Indians of the Pacific Norwest Collection
Plateau People’s web portal
Washington State University archives-digital archives
Library of Congress Online Records

Can I use my blood test from Ancestry DNA or 23andMe to prove I’m Indian?

No, the blood test is not Tribe specific.  It can tell you have Native blood, but it does not tell you which Tribe it comes from.  You have to research the region where your family is from and look into the Tribes in that area. 

If my blood comes from a different tribe can I use that for enrollment?

No, currently the Nez Perce Tribe does not consider other Tribal blood.  Only Nez Perce blood is considered.