Environmental Restoration & Waste Management

Nez Perce Tribe


We, as Nez Perce, have resided on and been the stewards for the land since time immemorial. Our duty to protect the Earth, our mother, and restore her when we can, is at the heart of everything we believe in. It is with this fundamental commitment that the Nez Perce Tribe has developed the Environmental Restoration and Waste Management (ERWM) Division.

After more than a decade of gaining expertise the Nez Perce Tribe stands ready to enter the arena of Nuclear waste cleanup. Our emphasis is based on old traditional beliefs of stewardship, restoration, and remediation. We are protecting the future generations by becoming involved in the planning process of nuclear cleanup. Enhancing the expertise of our people will ensure that the Nez Perce people will outlive radioactive and hazardous material.

Left: Gable Mountain on the Hanford Site. Middle top: Staff meet with David Brockman and DOE staff . Middle bottom: J. Herman Reuben Natural Resource Building. Right: Gabriel Bohnee, ERWM Director.

About Us

“The Earth is part of my body... I belong to the land out of which I came... The earth is my mother...”


The Environmental Restoration and Waste Management (ERWM) is a division of the Nez Perce Tribes Department of Natural Resources (DNR). ERWM works in coordination with the other Natural Resource divisions to preserve the Nez Perce culture and Treaty Rights. We continue to protect and enhance the environment by our commitment.

Mission Statement