NPTEC Member Biographies:

Bill Picard

Quintin "Quincy" Ellenwood
P.O.Box 509
Lapwai, Idaho 83540

FAMILY: Born Lewiston Idaho, Raised in Clear Creek Idaho, 37 years old
Married to Janice M. Ellenwood for 10 years together 12 years.
Three daughters Kimiwun T, Ellenwood (18yrs of Regina Saskatchewan) Loreal Q. Ellenwood 11yrs enrolled Nez Perce and Leiloni R. Ellenwood 8yrs enrolled Nez Perce.
Two Step sons Tristan Spencer (18yrs Student University of Washington) and Anthony Spencer (14yrs student Sacajawea Jr) both enrolled Colville.
Mother: Ruby L. Jackson, Maternal Grandfather Charles Jackson Sr. Maternal Grandmother Shirley Ellenwood, Great Grandfather Andrew Jackson, Great Grandmother Ruth Corbett, Great Grandfather Eugene Ellenwood, Great Grandmother Bertha Marie Stevens Webb.

EDUCATION: Graduated from Lapwai High School 1997
Lewis Clark State College Business Major.

2yrs Resolutions 1997/1998, 1999-2000
2yrs Enterprise Board (term ends fall 2016)
7yrs Fish & Wildlife Commission (term ends fall 2015)
7yrs Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission
7yrs Construction Laborer & Iron Worker
2yrs Pi-Nee-Waus Coordinator
5yrs Community Centers Coordinator
25+ years’ hunter, fisherman and gather

Platform: If I am elected to the Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee, I will always lookout for the wellbeing of the Nez Perce Tribe and our future. I will protect our God given birth right as being Niimiipuu and the Nez Perce Treaty of 1855 12 stat.957. I will be a strong advocate of our water and natural resources, be supportive of new venture ideas for the Nez Perce Tribal Enterprises, Nez Perce traditions and of our Niimiipuutimt language. I am a strong believer in the proper accountability and professionalism of myself and NPTEC. I will strive for accountability of all tribal dollars, contracts and grants. Be a strong supporter of our Nez Perce Tribal Police department and Fisheries Enforcement to protect and serve our community, home lands and the war on illegal drugs.





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