NPTEC Member Biographies:

Daniel Kane

Daniel Kane

Education:                    Lapwai H.S. (Grad. 1976)
                                   Washington State University (B.A. Communication 1981)

Work Experience:           Nez Perce Tribe (1982-1986)
                                    Lewis-Clark State College (1986-1989)
                                    Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (1989-1992)
                                    Lewis-Clark State College (1992-2010)
                                    Owner of Dan Kane Productions, a video production company, LLC.
                                    Columbia River/Nez Perce Tribal Fisherman for over 30 years
                                    Nez Perce Tribal Fiserhman for over 30 years

Family:                         Wife: Julie Kane, Managing Atty. Nez Perce Tribe
                                    Children: Jonathan Kane, 31
                                    Daughter: Annie Kane, 22, A student/athlete at LCSC


"More Opportunity for the Nez Perce"

  • My First priority is the hiring of more Nez Perce people within the tribal structure through the strengthening of Nez Perce/Indian Preference hiring. We need adherence to and implementation of Tribal Employment Rights laws on and near the reservation.

  • Education, Training and upward mobility for members and tribal employees of the Nez Perce Tribe.

  • Protection of Nez Perce Treaty Rights including hunting, gathering, fishing, language and cultural resource preservation. I spent 5 years of my life working on the halting of federal/state attacks on tribal hunting and woodcutting rights in Nez Perce Country and more specifically in Oregon. Resulted in an Oregon State Court decision reaffirming our rights to gather, hunt, etc!

  • There are many other critical issues that are equally important to the Nez Perce Tribe, I promise to show up and work hard every day for the Nez Perce People. I have worked for positive change in the past and whatever I have done in my life, I believe in giving 100 percent.

  • I ask for consideration of your vote this year! I did not get here by myself; I have enjoyed the support and caring of many over the years.

 Thank you, Dan Kane





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