NPTEC Member Biographies:


Arthur M. Broncheau


My mother was Lucentina Moore Broncheau, born and raised by her father James Moore of Lenore, Idaho.  My father was Phillip Broncheau who was K.I.A. in the European Campaign during W.W. II.  I have one daughter who resides in Eugene, Oregon.  I have resided in the Lapwai, Orofino & Craigmont areas here on this reservation and currently live in the Kooskia, Idaho area for the past 8 years.


                 Haskell Institute; Lawrence, KA - Leher Pressman Printer 1967
                 University of Oklahoma; Norman, OK - Natural Resources of Indian Reservations 1978 Student Intern/3 months.
                 Lane Community College; Eugene, OR - Associate of Arts in General Education 1981
                 University of Oregon; Eugene, OR - Bachelor of Science in Sociology 1984


Sponsors Inc. - Two years Eugene, Oregon - Prisoners Outreach Program
Lane County Juvenile Dept. - One year, Eugene, Oregon - Juvenile Counselor
Alvord-Taylor Inc. - Seven Years Eugene, Oregon - M.R.D.D. Population Allocate Specialist
Oregon Children Service Division - One year Eugene, Oregon - Parent Training Counselor
Director of Native American Student Union - Two years University of Oregon
Nez Perce Tribe Fisheries Department - Seventeen years Orofino and Kooskia, Idaho - Fisheries Technician III


Oregon Indian Education Association - For outstanding Higher Education Student of the Year, 1984.
Nez Perce Tribe - Employee of the Month, 2003.

To the Table:

I pay tribute to our Creator and Ancestors. For it was our Forefathers who had the courage and foresight to believe that future generations would continue to keep our valued traditions alive and protect our resources for the further generations.

I would like to be involved with our governing bodies (NPTEC, Resolutions Committee, Tribal Programs, etc.) to decide what is the best interest for our people.  For it's our people who should come first in order to keep all its members alive to continue into the future as a Nation.

I encourage everyone to vote and be heard.

Thanks to Everyone,
Arthur M. Broncheau

As a Nation, our Natural Resources should be protected by our Treaty Rights. Our people should have the full benefits of Hunting, Fishing and gathering thus keeping our Culture alive in these modern society.

Health Care, Education and Employment should be a priority for Our People to be healthy educated people.  We as a people would be able to be more self sufficient.

Our Tribal members would benefit being employed within our own Tribal Programs which comes the rewards of Health Care, Education and a future for our children's children to continue our struggle to be a Nation, a Nimipuu Nation






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