Law & Order Subcommittee

Updated May 2014


The Law & Order Subcommittee consists of the following:



    Idaho Council of Indian Affairs - Mary Jane Miles, McCoy Oatman
    TERO - Daniel Kane, Liz Arthur-Attao
    Law Enforcement - Bill Picard, Daniel Kane
    Prosecutor/Judicial Services - Shannon Wheeler, Liz Arthur-Attao
    Gaming Commission - Daniel Kane, Liz Arthur-Attao
    Idaho Juvenile Justice Commission - Bill Picard, Delegate; Samuel N. Penney, Alternate


Meeting Dates

The Law & Order Subcommittee meets every first and third Mondays of the month at 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm.  (Open to Tribal members).


Improve the policies of the Nez Perce Tribe, so that they meet the current needs and expectations of the Nez Perce People.


To incorporate the Nez Perce Tribe's Strategic Plan, and open communication with the tribal public to continue identifying and addressing all areas in need of improvement.

Description of Services

The Law & Order Subcommittee's mission is to provide the program components a forum for policy review and formulation as well as, general reporting of departmental activities. 

Program Components

Office of Legal Counsel, Law Enforcement, Tribal Prosecutor, Judicial Services, and Gaming Commission.

Report for May 2009


  • The Law & Order Subcommittee has been meeting in regular session since the last General Council which was held in May of 2006

  • The Nez Perce Tribe has within its boundaries two major highways that join east and west and north to south.  These highways are designated as scenic byways in which are protected through certain regulations.  One regulation is the prohibiting of signs and billboards built along them.  There has been an accelerating proliferation of these signs.  The Tribe has set a one year moratorium on any new being erected within the reservation boundaries.

  • The Boxing Commission was formed and has adopted its own by-laws.  Since the development of this new commission, an increasing wider scope of issues arose.  Not only will this commission be involved with boxing but other athletic activities and promotions.

  • The post for responses and concerns of our Elders Abuse Code expired.  The formal adoption can and will be enforced as soon as complete support can be implemented.

  • We have officially adopted AP 06-165, Title 9 Indian Preference in Employment and Contracting.  Our employment and Certified Indian Business' is still of high importance.

  • Domestic Relations Code has completed requirements and course.  This code clarifies where marriages can be performed and NPTEC actions enforceable.

  • The Fish and Wildlife Commission proposed an action for Food Safety Ordinance.  This involves preparation and process public consumption.  This particular action is in berthing stages as of yet.

  • We have approved and confirmed candidates for Appellate Justices.  These Justices will serve as our Tribal Court of Appeals.  Three justices will be randomly selected from a list of eight to hear and oversee all appeals to our Tribal Court System.

  • We also have approved the purchase of a Home Monitoring System for the Juvenile Probation Department.  The cost of incarceration for youth is extremely expensive.  This expenditure as well as adult incarceration brings much concern.  All avenues and past codes reflecting this particular issue are being investigated for proper consideration.

  • Our Law Enforcement has proposed to include the security department into their supervision to help alleviate and assist with enforcement duties.  This action is still in early stages and yet to be confirmed The department has also involved itself with Quad Cities Meth Task Force.  In joint efforts with local counties, communities, and states this task force will address this very important issues that has plagued many of this nations families and communities.  Not only has our department joined hands with others on this issue, NPTEC has joined a task force nationally.


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