Land Enterprise Subcommittee

Updated May 2016


The Land Commission is comprised of the following:

  • Bill Picard - Chairman
  • McCoy Oatman - Vice-Chairman
  • Daniel Kane
  • Quincy Ellenwood
  • Bill Picard
  • Shannon Wheeler



  Horse Program - Bill Picard, McCoy Oatman
  Natural Resources Conservation Service
- Shannon Wheeler, Delegate; Bill Picard, Alternate
  InterTribal Agriculture Councila - Shannon Wheeler, Delegate; Bill Picard, Alternate

Meeting Dates

The Land Enterprise Commission Subcommittee meets every first and third Tuesday of the month at 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm.  (Open to Tribal members).


To provide for the generation of revenue through land leasing for the benefit of the Nez Perce Tribe.  To provide for the acquisition of land both on and near the Nez Perce Reservation.


To increase revenue through leasing of tribal lands and acquisition of land both on and near the Nez Perce Reservation.

Description of services

The Land Enterprise Commission Subcommittee meets the first & third Tuesday of each month.  The subcommittee reviews & approves lease applications, home site leases and land acquisitions. 

Program Components

Land Leasing:  The BIA Leasing staff is responsible for trust land leases for in which the Nez Perce Tribe is an owner or co-owner.  The staff is responsible for the bid process and presenting bids to the Land Enterprise Commission.  The staff provides fair market value information and administrative support in processing the leases.

The Land Services:  The staff is responsible for writing Conservation Plans of Operations for all agricultural leases and wise land use practices.  Field and boundary maps are provided upon request.  The staff also ensures lease compliance by doing field investigations.

Realty:  The staff processes land sale applications submitted by individual tribal landowners.  Staff also provides the Tribe the option to purchase at fair market value those interests which will go out of trust through probate.

Report for May 2009


  • Approved the Land Commission budget in the amount of $1,715,659.00.  Approved the Land Services Program for $214,740.00.
  • The first Nez Perce Horse sale was contracted to Mr. Frank Dillon.  there were a 37 horses sold for a total of $22,364.15.  The costs for  the sale was $12,461.10.  The balance of funds after the sale is $9,903.05.  dated 3/29/05.
  • On Oct 12, '04 a directive to Jack Bell to provide a plan of operation to downsize the Young Horseman Program based upon the current fiscal  year funding and to include appropriate reduction in force and recommendations to stock and inventory.  An AdHoc committee was formed to look into a way to save the Young Horseman Program and report back to the Natural Resources Subcommittee.  In conjunction with the Adhoc Committee Mr. Jack Bell had been addressing the future of the Young Horseman Program.
  • The commission approved a 25 year lease for a home site lease not to exceed two-acres on a portion of T-1513 located in the Kamiah area.
  • Approved five year leases to William Boyer, Valley Farms, Frei Land and Cattle, Larry Boyer Land and Cattle, Shirley Shebala, Brammer-Meacham Farms, Ida Collins, Whitman Farms, Hewitt Ranch Inc.,
  • Fee to Trust Conversions (approved by NPTEC):  Nez Perce Allotments 1418, 1717, 1869 and 1894.
  • A request for a right-of-way from Kayler's Bend Golf Course was referred to Legal Counsel and Department of Natural Resources.  The area is interest in near the Peck turn off on Highway 12.
  • Easement for Right-of-Way to the Nez Perce Tribal Housing Authroity for the right to construct, main tain and repair a 10' access and utility easement on Tribal Tract T3123.
  • A directive to Office of Legal Counsel to pursue Alternative #3 to recommend a location to build a road for access to the Slickpoo Cemetery.



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