McCoy Oatman

McCoy Oatman

NPTEC Candidate Bio:

‘ehe ta’c leheyn, ‘inim himyme, lawtiwama kaa ne’exce’ecum, yoxme pelutimnepkinix. ‘inim Wenikt wes Mccoy Teemoonee Oatman. Ne’ic hiwes Paula Moody kaa na’tot hiweke Kenneth Oatman. Ne’plax kaa na’qac hiwsix Harold “Jerry” Walker, Ron Oatman and Lois “Maudie” Oatman. Na’qalac hiweeke James Havill kaa ne’el hiweeke Loda Sublett. ’inim ‘iwepne hiwes Augustina Arthur. Nunim mamaaya’c hiwsix Monroe Arthur, Jimmi Rose Ciyiititit kaa Nunim laymwt hiwceeyu’ ki hisemtuks.

Greetings, my relatives, friends and family, People of the Heart. My name is Mccoy Teemoonee Oatman My mother is Paula Moody and my father is the late Kenneth Oatman. My maternal grandparents are Harold “Jerry” Walker, Ron & Lois Oatman. My paternal grandparents are the late James Havill and Loda Sublett. My fianc is Augustina Arthur. We have two children, Monroe Arthur and Jimmi Rose Oatman. We are also expecting anew addition to our family later this month. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the Nimiipuu. If the people choose to elect me again I will continue to serve to the best of my ability always working for the future and the betterment of all Nimiipuu.

I currently reside in Culdesac, Idaho but I was raised in both the Kamiah and Lapwai Communities.

I attended LCSC for 2 years majoring in Kinesiology

I have served on NPTEC in several positions the first being Secretary, followed by Chairman, Treasurer, Chaplin and my current position is Vice Chairman. I have served as a chairman for Natural Resources Subcommittee, Vice Chairman for Budget and Finance Subcommittee, and Vice Chairman for the Human Resources Subcommittee. I have served as the CRITFC Chairman, and currently serving as the Tribal Commissioner on the Pacific Salmon Commission in that position I represent the CRITFC and Puget Sound tribes.

My diversity of experiences in life and work include Headstart teacher, community center director, Boys and Girls club staff, Itseyeye Casino employee, and Tribal Council member. I have an open door policy; I am willing to listen to your concerns and will work to ensure that I understand them completely. I take action based on a strategic step-wise approach on any issues that will affect tribal members: I ask myself will this help meet the needs of our communities and will it help the needs of our nation, will this benefit our children and their children after them? And similarly will it harm our people, communities, our nation, and our resources? The answers to these questions guide me in dealing with issues and problems brought to my attention. Your trust and vote for me means that I will continue this leadership that you have entrusted me with especially in the face of this daunting presidency I will give it my all to protect our sovereignty, treaty rights, our land, water and all of our natural resources for our tribal membership both current and future. I pride myself on being Nimiipuu, I love my family, my people, and our land, and our natural resources.




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