Mary oatman

Mary Oatman

Mary Jane Oatman is a mitochondrial matriarch of the Nimiipuu people who is the proud mother of three beautiful children, Jackson, Wayne and Ruby. Na'iic hiiwes Judy Warden-Oatman kaa na'qaa'c hiiwes Alice Johnson-Warden kaa na'piluuq hiweeke Wes Warden. Polx'c hiweeke Pauline Hill-Finley kaa Frank Johnson kaa Nellie Cash-Warden kaa John Warden.

Na'toot hiiwes Carl "Bo' Oatman Sr. kaa na'aal hiweeke Jeanette Jackson-Oatman ka na'kaluc'u' hiweeke Marcus Oatman I. Polx'c hiweeke Ruth Corbette-Jackson kaa Andrew Jackson kaa Jane Allen-Oatman and James Oatman.

Oatman was selected in 2008 to serve as the youngest presidential appointee to the National Advisory Council on Indian Education while also being elected to serve as the youngest president of the National Indian Education Association and served as the first Indian Education Coordinator for the state of Idaho from 2007-2011. Past tribal experience includes serving as a dispatcher and officer for Fisheries/Conservation Enforcement and as the manager of the NPEII Cafeteria during it's grand opening. During her tenure in Washington DC, she worked to build momentum within elected tribal leadership to prioritize the language and sacred ways of knowing pedagogy which resulted in the passage of the White House Executive Order on American Indian/Alaska Native Education.

Mary Jane currently works as a surgical technician for Eye Care Specialist, P.S. and as a fitness instructor and life coach.




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