Casey Mitchell

Casey Mitchell

Name:                                         Niimiiputimptki Weye’tenetu’wehykt (Sun-necklace)
                                                   Soyapotimptki  Casey L. Mitchell

Born:                                           February 6, 1979 Lewiston, Idaho

Parents:                                       Father – Leland E. Mitchell Sr.
                                                   Mother - Sylvia E. Mitchell

Paternal Grand-parents:                 Clair Johnson and Edward Mitchell

Maternal Grand-parents:                Phyllis and Frank Penney Sr.

Paternal Great grand-parents:         Lucy Hill and William Johnson Sr. Isabell Frank and Henry Mitchell

Maternal Great grand-parents:        Stella Amera and Benjamin Penney Pauline and Joseph Samuels

Family:                                         Joni Williams and daughter Nalani Williams

City/Area:                                      Lapwai, Idaho

Education:                                     Lapwai High School- graduated 1997
                                                     Northwest Indian College- Associates Degree in Arts and Science
                                                     Northwest Indian College- Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science

Experience:                                  18 years serving the Nez-Perce Tribe (NPT)
                                                    1999-2001- NPT Early Childhood Development Educator
                                                    2007-2016- Coached Little league Baseball and AAU Basketball
                                                    2001-2008- NPT Fire Management Specialist
                                                    2009-2012- NPT Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Tech 2
                                                    2011-2012- Taught Ecology 301 at Northwest Indian College
                                                    2012-2016- NPT Fisheries Program Biologist in Watershed, Harvest and Production Divisions
2013-2016- NPT Fisheries; Dworshak National Fish Hatchery Biologist
                                                    2012-2013- Served as an alternate for the Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC),
                                                    2013-2014 served as a member of the FWC
                                                    2016 to present- serve as the Vice Chairman of the Fish and Wildlife Commission

What I hope to bring to the table;
We are not only physical wards of our ancestors we are also spiritual wards of our ancestors. We are all gifted with the strength, honor and intelligence of our ancestors. We are gifted with the strong connection to the land, water, animals (water, land and air), spirits and Creator as our ancestors. Last but not least we are gifted with the unbreakable connection to each other as NiiMiipuu.

My hope is to help strengthen the Unity of our people by communicating the common ground we all share to protect and preserve the land, water and people of the NiiMiipuu. My hope of Unity as a people is carried by each and every one of us, from our youngest child to our oldest elder and all of us in between. Within us we have the strength, honor, intelligence and capability to educate our children academically, culturally and traditionally. To listen to our elders and listen to each other to understand and not react. One person cannot do this alone, let us work together to come up with solutions to our concerns and obstacles.

As we all know we are looking at some difficult trials ahead with the new Presidential change. Let us not be afraid, as a united front we are strong, confident and ready to uphold our Sovereignty, inherent and Treaty rights to the land and prosperity of our people. Let us believe in each other as we believe in the ways of our people, as we believe in our Creator. We are one, I will stand and fight with you to see our people strengthen and prosper into the future by upholding our rights as Native people to this land and not forgetting our past.






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