Nez Pere Tribe Delays and Closures of Business Hours

January 12, 2017

It is the desire of the Nez Perce Tribe to ensure 100% safety of all of our employees. Nez Perce Governmental Employees can find information about delays and closures at one of these four locations: KIYE Radio Station, HELPDESK, NPT Governmental Facebook, Mass TEXT. Other entities of the Nez Perce Tribe will provide their own information about delays, closures and provide modified hours based on inclement weather. This includes NPTHA, Nimiipuu Health and NPT Enterprises. Employees of those entities should contact their Executive Director.

Employees can expect to hear an announcement of any delay or closure by 6 a.m. If the Tribe decides to delay its hours, employees can expect to hear an announcement by 8 a.m. if the delay is until 10 a.m. and by 10 a.m. if the delay is until 1 p.m. Please check one of these four locations for such announcements. If you hear nothing, it is safe to assume work hours are normal business hours.

Many factors come into place when determining a closure or a delay. Safety is the highest concern along with continuing service to our public. All employees are responsible for safety and they do not have to wait on a decision to close or delay from NPTEC. Employees already have additional emergency leave granted for their individual circumstances to ensure their safety during inclement weather. They can and must utilize what is available to them and are required to communicate with their direct supervisor.

Delays and closures are costly; it is determined that the Tribe must and will always have a small crew to assist if the public is waiting on services, such as purchase orders, checks, gift cards, identification, etc. We will make every effort to continue those services in the event of a closure. Each department of the NPT are required to identify people that will help us meet the need of limited service in the event of a closure in case any emergency arises, or important deadlines and other business requires us to be here. You can expect our NPT Police Department to remain open during these times.

We will continue to make every effort to serve the NPT as best we can during this severe winter weather. Thank you.

Rebecca A. Miles
Executive Director

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